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     Welcome to the Department of Safety Roleplay Community

     The Department of Safety has been serving the public since 2017, Our Approach To a More Professional Role-Playing Community Involves Dedication, Focus And Re-Assuring Every Day. Our Members And Staff Work Hard Each Day Ensuring We Continue Providing The Best Training And Teamwork To Help Our Officers Get The Best Of What We Have To Offer. The Department Of Safety Has a Wide Variety Of Positions Available. For Those Searching For a More Relaxed Position Try Our Dispatch Position Or If your Looking For Something With More Action Shall You Say We Recommend State Police, Sheriff Or Even Patrol Officer.

    No Matter What Type Of Job Your Looking For We Can Ensure That You Will Have The Job You Applied For if It is Available. When You Apply For Department Of Safety We Go Over Your Application And Get Back With You Within 48 Hours. ( 2 Days ) There Is Someone Available If You Need To Speak With Someone About Anything Prior To Your Interview ( Which Will Be Conducted By one of our HR members) Please Do Not Hesitate To Ask The Directors Or Any Of Our DOS Recruitment Members If You Have Any Questions. We Would Like To Keep This Community Of Role playing As Clean And Professional As Much As Possible. As Most Of Our Members Are Over The age of 15. If You Are Applying For The Department Of Safety And You Are Under The age of 14 Don't Worry. We Have a Program For People Under The Age, The Auxiliary Program if You Join The Program You Will Be a Cadet For The Department Of Safety And Fall Under Watch For The Department You Are Applying For. From There You Will Be Assigned An Officer Who Will Take You On Ride along and Teach You How To Become a Proper Officer Of The Law.


    Safety is our Top Priority

    Department of Safety RP



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About Us

DOSRP is a GTA V Roleplay Community that operates of FiveM. We started in January of 2017 and we are consistently growing. Our goal in DOSRP is to ensure all of our members have a fun experience with us. Our Administration Team put their commitment and dedication to improve our community. We believe that Safety is our Top Priority