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  • DOSRP Presents San Andreas Communications!

    SACD Chain Of Command

    Dispatch Director - Cody M. C-100

    Dispatch Deputy Director - Jersey M. C-101

    Director Of Operations - Vacant

    Operations Commander - Vacant

    Dispatch Manager - Vacant

    Dispatch Supervisor - Vacant

  • Our Mission

    “To provide the very best level of service to the citizens of San Andreas by answering 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner and dispatching the appropriate response, we help save lives, protect property, and assist citizens. “

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  • Communications Members

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  • Community Gallery

  • Chain Of Command


    Dispatch Director

    Dispatch Deputy Director

    Junior Administration

    Director of Operations

    Operations Commander

    Senior Staff

    Dispatch Manager

    Dispatch Supervisor

    Lead Senior Operator


    Senior Operator IV

    Senior Operator III

    Senior Operator II

    Staff In Training

    Senior Operator I

    Department Members

    Senior Operator I

    Operator III

    Operator II

    Operator I

    Probationary Dispatcher

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