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  • Los Santos Fire/EMS

    We here at the EMS Department, warmly invite you to join us in a good fun of wonder! Come and down to the San Andreas Fire Department! Come and help Department Of Safety grow! Why should you join us? The SAFD offers a truly unique, accurate, and well-formedrole play experience.  No call is the same as the last.  If you are looking for an ever changing, ever-rewarding career, the SAFD Department is the choice for you!  Though the training is no easy task to complete, you will agree that it is worth it in the end. As a firefighter you will go through a well-structured training program including a full classroom session, working an active fire scene, working an active medical scene, and much more. After your training, you will have learned all of the skills necessary to uphold the Department’s Standard of Excellence and Community Service.

  • Fire/EMS Chain Of Command

    Fire Chief - Aaron H.

    Assistant Fire Chief  - Vacant 

    Deputy Chief  - Vacant

    Battalion Chief - Vacant


    Join The Fire/EMS Today!

    Applications Are Open All the month.

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  • Fire/EMS Members

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  • SAFD Rank Structure

    SAFD Department Lead

    Fire Chief

    Assistant Fire Chief

    Deputy Chief

    SAFD Chain of Command

    Battalion Chief


    SAFD Supervisor


    Driver Engineer

    SAFD Supervisor in Training


    SAFD Department Member






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About Us

DOSRP is a GTA V Roleplay Community that operates of FiveM. We started in January of 2017 and we are constantly growing. Our goal in DOSRP is to ensure all of our members have a fun experience with us. Our Administration Team put their commitment and dedication to improve our community. We believe that safety is our Top Priority.
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