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    • Los Santos Police Department

      Respect | Security | Authority

      The Los Santos Police Department will work in partnership with the community to promote open communication, education, cooperation, fair and equal treatment; to improve the quality of life, promote unity, encourage respect, and make Los Santos a safe community.


      Our Vision

      Improving the quality of life while promoting unity, encouraging respect, and making Los Santos a safe community.


      LSPD Command Staff

      Chief of Police - Vacant

      Bureau Chief of Police - Vacant

      Assistant Chief of Police Vacant

      Deputy Chief of Police Vacant

      Police Commander - Vacant


      LSPD Sub Divisions

      Port Authority - Vacant


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  • LSPD Rank Structure

    Command Staff

    LSPD Chief of Police

    LSPD Bureau Chief of Police

    LSPD Assistant Chief of Police

    LSPD Deputy Chief of Police

    LSPD Police Commander


    Senior Staff

    LSPD Captain

    LSPD Lieutenant



    LSPD Master Sergeant

    LSPD Staff Sergeant

    LSPD Sergeant


    Staff In Training

    LSPD Senior Corporal

    LSPD Corporal



    LSPD Senior Police Officer II

    LSPD Senior Police Officer I

    LSPD Police Officer III

    LSPD Senior Police Officer II

    LSPD Senior Police Officer I


    Officers In Training

    LSPD Police Cadet


    Reserve Members

    Auxilliary Officer