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  1. Version 1.0.0


    ~~~~Instructions~~~~ 1) Open OpenIV and select Grand Theft Auto V Enable EDIT MODE! 2) If you use a mods folder goto Grand Theft Auto V/mods/x64/audio/sfx/resident.rpf (If you dont have a mods folder create one) --> If you do not use a mods folder just goto Grand Theft Auto V/x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT.rpf Disclaimer: DoSRP does not take any responsibility for broken games or corrupted files. Contact DOSRP Support for help.

About Us

DOSRP is a GTA V Roleplay Community that operates of FiveM. We started in January of 2017 and we are constantly growing. Our goal in DOSRP is to ensure all of our members have a fun experience with us. Our Administration Team put their commitment and dedication to improve our community. We believe that safety is our Top Priority.
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