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    LEO Training/EVAL

    New LEO Recruit / Reserve Training & Evaluation. Any LEO Recruit / LEO Reserve needing training, please RSVP if you can attend. This will be hosted by Mazen E. 1A-2 If you RSVP’d but cannot attend, please remove yourself and contact an admin as soon as possible. If you are late by more than ten minutes to this training you will be marked as absent, and forced to sign up for the next training. Please arrive in the Field Training (Room 1) - Waiting Room at least ten minutes prior to the start of this training. FTO in training? Please message an F.T.O. Supervisor prior to training to advise that you’re attending. WARNING: This training will happen at LSIA. After training, a patrol will resume. Requirements: Must have FiveM installed AND tested prior to training. Run FiveM after installing files, if it doesn't crash you should be OK. Please visit Tech Support if you have any questions. Make sure you acquire your Steam Hexadecimal prior to training Make sure you can stay the entire duration of the training. Recruits that leave early will to have to restart the training at a different date. Please make sure your Steam AND website profile name is set to your TeamSpeak name. Please make sure your steam hexadecimal is added to your DOSRP Website Profile. Make sure you have studied the materials for your department. Recommended- Review the 10 codes. Recommended- Know Community Rules & Regulations. Installing FiveM: You can download FiveM from https://fivem.net/ Download the client and place it into its own folder on your desktop, or anywhere else, except the GTA V directory. Run and install it. To get the user files for DOSRP, connect to the DOSRP TeamSpeak and look for the FiveM Files channel above the patrol room channels, go to the link for the files and download them. Open the compressed file and read the Readme for instructions. If there are any issues installing FiveM, the user files, or running FiveM after, please go to the tech support channel in TeamSpeak and request assistance. Steam Hexadecimal: Note: Will need done for documentation purposes later. Please have this ready to provide to your FTO. Open Steam and go to your profile. Right click anywhere and Copy Page URL. Paste the URL into the text box on: https://vacbanned.com and click Lookup. Copy the "Steam 3 (x64) (Hex)" and add it to your DOSRP Website Profile. Note: If you get 1100001000056BA it is invalid, try again from the first step. This calendar automatically adjusts the start time to correlate with your current timezone settings. "Commenting on this post after RSVP's are full, asking to be trained will result in warning points and other disciplinary action"
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